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    Members of the 105th Class after the Buckeye victory on November 3rd, 2012

    The Illibuck pass is one of the most unique traditions in collegiate athletics. It dates back to 1925 when members of Atius-Sachem at the University of Illinois got together with members of Bucket & Dipper to commemorate the rivalry between the two schools, making it one of the oldest trophies in college football. Each year members of Bucket & Dipper and Atius-Sachem meet on the field to pass the trophy (nicknamed "Illy Illibuck") to the victor of the previous year’s game. Originally a live turtle, picked for its long life expectancy as a symbol of the long life of the rivalry, the trophy became a wooden turtle when the original passed away in 1927. Since then 9 “Illibucks” have been carved, each with the scores from games on its back. The Illibuck pass is a distinctly unique way that Bucket & Dipper shows its Buckeye spirit and Ohio State tradition.

    During the 2005 season, the Illibuck was presented to Ohio State for victory in the 2002 National Championship season because no games between the two schools had been played since then. During the 2007 game against Illinois, members of Bucket & Dipper once again received Illy on behalf of the Buckeyes victory. Between the 1st and 2nd quarter at the 2008 game at University of Illinois members of Bucket & Dipper handed Illy to Illinois. Since then, the Buckeyes have won the 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 games. The 105th Class of Bucket & Dipper received the Illibuck trophy this year when the Buckeyes played Illinois on November 3rd 2012, thanks to the Buckeye victory from the previous year. This fall, the 106th class of Bucket & Dipper will receive the Illibuck trophy when they travel to Illinois on November 16th, 2013.
    Gameday in the 'Shoe -November 3rd, 2012

    Gabby Schiraldi and Libby Butler, our Illibuck Chairs, was recently featured in a segment titled "The Illibuck Tradition" by Carrie Wise of The Columbus Dispatch. You can check out the clip by clicking HERE.

    Contact Carmen Keeton or Michael Rueger, Illibuck Chairs, for more information.

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